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Live Review: EGOISM release new dreamy single 'Here's The Thing' and announce forthcoming EP

18 September 2020 | 1:51 pm | Claudia Fallon

Indie-pop duo EGOISM have released a glimmering single 'Here's The Thing' alongside the announcement of their long-awaited EP On Our Minds.

Indie-pop duo EGOISM have released a glimmering single, 'Here's The Thing', alongside the announcement of their long-awaited EP, On Our Minds. Comprising of childhood friends Scout Eastment and Olive Rush, this alternative outfit have quickly won us over with their introspective dream-pop sound that consistently creates standout tracks. With the addition of their new tune and previous songs 'What Are We Doing?' and 'You You', the forthcoming EP will be a showcase of the band's talent and growth thus far.

Atmospheric and expansive 'Here's The Thing' begins softly with Scout's ethereal backing harmonies as Olive's standout vocals take centre stage. When the chorus takes hold, the vocals from both artists intertwine to create an emotive ballad that reminds us what real heartbreak feels like. With the addition of lively strumming guitars, soulful keys, and a steady beat, this track is both elating and nostalgic, and makes you contemplate love and its ever-evolving nature.

Speaking about the emotional meaning behind the song Olive said, "At the time I was dropping out of TAFE, my relationship was falling apart, and it wouldn’t stop raining outside. It felt like the world was caving in on itself."

"It was hard to finish this one; listening to a past version of myself singing about feeling absolutely heartbroken over and over again - it’s totally draining. I like it now, but it took some time. I don’t think I’ve ever captured a moment through lyrics that intensely before.”

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With the aim of boosting music careers, EGOISM was lucky enough to be chosen by triple j Unearthed's Level Up Grant as one of sixteen Aussie artists who receive funding for music videos, new equipment, and more. With assistance from this new initiative, 'Here's The Thing' was written, recorded, and produced by the band in an organic fashion alongside mixing engineer Mathew Neighbour who blends together a beautiful soundscape in this song.

Beginning in 2015, this talented duo have quickly become rising stars in the Australian music scene having refined and perfected their classic alternative indie-pop sound. 'Here's The Thing' is a testament to the band's musical skills proving they can consistently create addictive music that never disappoints. Looking to the future, there's no disputing EGOISM's new EP On Our Minds will showcase more dreamy tracks upon its release November 6.

Image: Cole Bennetts