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Live Review: Erik Sanders gets infectiously upbeat with 'Forever Whatever'

27 November 2017 | 10:29 am | Max Lewis

Let Brisbane artist Erik Sanders boost your mood with 'Forever Whatever', an uplifting hip-hop banger that'll have you feeling good in no time.

It's tough to turn a breakup into something positive, but with ERIK SANDERS' 'Forever Whatever' you're halfway there. Produced alongside James Angus, the single is Sanders' third under WVS, and a strong progression of the bubbly production and charismatic flow we fell in love with from 'Purple Panther'.

With 'Forever Whatever', we explore Erik Sanders' familiar style of vocoder heavy flow and pounding club production, with an air of poignancy and rawness we've yet to see from the Brisbane artist. Over hyper percussion and some subtle yet bouncy synths the rapper repeats, "It was forever / whatever," turning the title into a mantra of self-improvement and acceptance that ultimately drives the track.

When the chorus drops the otherwise minimal instrumental soars with additional layers and melodies soaked in reverb - it's a unique sound you don't often get in hip-hop yet it gels with the lyrics perfectly. Despite the tongue-in-cheek lyrics it's impossible not to feel empowered by this song in some way, and displays yet another layer to Erik Sanders' artistry. It's the bubbly and bold style of 'Purple Panther' with a hint of realness; sure, he's been hurt before, but he's better for it and so are you. 'Forever Whatever' is a soaring jam that's good for the heart as well as the body - just in time for summer.

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