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Live Review: Get the dance-punk groove with FeelsClub's 'Deadlights'

11 December 2017 | 9:49 am | Max Lewis

'Trash pop' quintet FeelsClub have dropped their final cut of 2017 with 'Deadlights' - a thrashing combo of synth-pop and dance-punk.


Self-described 'trash pop' quintet FEELSCLUB have returned with 'Deadlights', a combo of glittery synth-pop synths with dance-punk vocals and drums.

With earlier tracks like '1x1' and 'Come On' from 2016, the Brisbane based group have always toed the line between synth-pop and dance-punk, with some classic new-wave for good measure. 'Deadlights' leans heavier on the punk side, with some powerful vocals and cymbal heavy percussion, yet the arpeggiated synths are some of the poppiest yet from the quintet. These elements get buried in a wall of sound with the vocals barely cutting through, yet it fits the energy of the track perfectly without muddying the works.

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This frantic sound nicely reflects the track's narrative of being overwhelmed by emotions and knowing you should let go, but not being able to. With grabs of synths and drums breaking through the fuzz, you get the sense of a whirling mind, while the sheer strength of the vocals keep you grounded and fighting on.

FeelsClub sound like a reborn Midnight Juggernauts, with some Power, Corruption & Lies era New Order thrown in, which -to a retro-obsessed boy like myself- is an absolute dream. With a thick aura of synth-pop fused with the heavier leanings of post-punk and new wave, the quintet have a solid sound on their hands that can bang heads and move bodies all at once.