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Live Review: Francesca Gonzales is radiant in 'Better Person'

23 October 2017 | 10:05 pm | Camilla Patini

There’s an exquisite simplicity at work on ‘Better Person’, the ethereal new single from 23-year-old singer songwriter, Francesca Gonzales.

The song was originally written about the perspective Gonzales gained while travelling overseas, and the energy she put into bringing that perspective into her real life. But, it became about something entirely different when she went through a breakup. “This song is very special to me,” Gonzales says. “It describes my journey of independence.” It’s a song about the fact that “you can’t rely on anyone else to make you happy. You have to look within yourself to find the strength to thrive.”

The song is, in fact, a frank and heartfelt reflection of her own inner resources – the song writing is mature; evocative yet measured. It's supported wonderfully by Matt Neighbour’s production skills, which tie the song together using some really great percussive elements. The result is an even-tempered and laid-back jam. There’s a nice vintage vibe to it as well, which lifts you right up there with her: “Now it’s time to grow alone / There’s so much strength within your own,” Gonzales sings in an endearingly soulful key.

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‘Better Person’ is a confident statement from an artist who seems to get better with every release. It seems like nothing can set her back.