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Live Review: 'Taking Over' the dancefloor with Gauci's new single

17 August 2017 | 7:44 am | Lloyd Crackett

Get that Italo-disco groove with this slice of boogie heaven from Gauci, the Sydney trio giving the bongo a new lease on life with 'Taking Over'

GAUCI are a Sydney trio coming from all different scenes and styles to capture their own brand of Italo disco. Comprised of Felix Lush and siblings Antonia (Leftenent, producer/engineer) and David Gauci (Las Vagueness), it's an all out family affair with a desire to make you move. Combining the powers of bongos, claps and synths they want you to dance to something with a substantial groove, layers upon layers to be appreciated on the floor and on your own. ‘Taking Over’ is soon to be lighting up Volumes 2017 when they play among a host of killer acts, so get onto it.

‘Taking Over’ builds its momentum gradually, almost in a surprising way. The track itself is not overproduced in any way, with the percussion having a natural appeal which is a breath of fresh air from the slick tracks dance floors are used to. The highlight of the percussion is the carefree and groove-inducing bongos which give the track a distinct edge, but their delightfulness doesn’t make them a novelty – they are still obviously played expertly.

It’s the drums, synths and subtle guitar that keep the track developing and leading into the wonderful vocals by Antonia Gauci. The vocals don’t necessarily glide over the track but co-exist; they aren’t cleanly placed on top but among the meticulously planned production. ‘Taking Over’ is a track for marathon dancing, being in it for the long haul – something fast enough to bop to but not so fast you’d need a break. It’s a track for making eyes and getting down.

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Gauci will be playing Volumes 2017 in NSW on August 19th, at Strawberry Boogie 2nd Birthday with Donny Benet on 25th of August and also with Wafia at the Oxford Art Factory on September on the 29th September.

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Photograph by Jake Ollett.