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Live Review: PREMIERE: Dive deep into the world of Georgia Reed with new single, 'Young'

19 July 2018 | 9:48 am | Emma Jones

I've said it many times before, but there is something extremely exciting happening in the world of Australian pop. With so many artists refusing to stick between the lines and play by the rules of the traditional genre, we hear more and more unique and diverse sounds from emerging artists, all equally impressive and equally individual. One such artist doing her own thing is GEORGIA REED, a fierce future superstar that's absolutely on the rise.

Her latest single, 'Young', is a multi-faceted exploration of love in all its painful glory, and its message is carried so brilliantly thanks to Reed's spectacular voice. Her singing rings out in the chorus, almost serving as a call to arms as she plunges deeper and deeper into the hazy atmosphere swirling around her, while her dynamic range is highlighted in the gentler verses. With crisp but foreboding drums and enticing guitars, 'Young' builds with tension before it breaks in the hook, only to rush back when the verse returns. It's this ebb and flow, this build and break, that sets 'Young' apart from your average pop song. Taking inspiration from the likes of Florence + The MachineReed plays to her many, many strengths in this song, honing in on the drama but still knowing exactly when to pull back just enough so she shines just as bright in the stillness as she does in the crescendo.

Speaking on her latest single, Reed said, “In a way, Young͛ can be divided into two parts. I wrote the chorus when, for the first time, I felt that someone aside from my family truly loved me. I had never had someone make me so happy.  It was something I was so certain of. The verses in͚ Young͛  reflect the unknown and daunting side of young love. You͛re really  learning as you go. You don͛t know each other well enough to avoid silly arguments yet. Recorded with James Newhouse in WA͛'s South West, and Sean Cook jumping on board for mixing, the"dream team" according to Reed, 'Young' truly is an impressive release from a self-assured artist with so much more still to give. We can't wait to see what she does next.

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Words by Emma Jones

Image: Max Fairclough