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Live Review: Dreamweavers Glass Diamonds debut their cosmic single release 'Lunar Dremes'

29 May 2017 | 4:29 pm | Freya Dinesen

Perth-turned-Melbourners GLASS DIAMONDS have unveiled their debut single ‘Lunar Dremes’ after many moons of hiding in their synth cave.

Sharing with us their vivid disco dreams, ‘Lunar Dremes’ narrates a swelling cosmic journey, no doubt contributed to the group’s reincarnation of former Perth favourites, Voltaire Twins.

Glass Diamonds formed late last year upon their relocation to Melbourne, and is held together by producer/synth player Jaymes Brown, vocalist Tegan Thorogood and bassist James Trewenack.

Opening with a swirling, whirlwind of celestial synths and popping, vintage electo beats, ‘Lunar Dremes’ drops into a full intergalactic supersonic ride, steered by Thorogood’s otherworldly, echoing vocals.

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‘Lunar Dremes’ utilizes an impressive sonic palette to create this ever changing psychedelic soundscape reminiscent of vintage synth/psychedelic pop, retro sci-fi movies and some shimmering 2000 era electronica (hello Daft Punk Interstella 5555).

Glass Diamonds rely heavily on tape echoes, warming filters and sweeping sonic phase to create their signature sound. Their focus on analogue production and DIY constructions provides them with a warm, wonky, sheeny but not totally polished sonic finish.

There is absolutely no hint as to how soon we will be hearing more from this fab trio, so in the meantime the only real solution is to strap in and be transported to a dreamy dancefloor galaxy far far away.