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Live Review: Grasps_ teams up with Ptwiggs and Wa?ste for the unrelenting 'PRAYING WAITING'

11 August 2017 | 10:16 am | Holly O'Neill

Menacing, atmospheric and dense. Those would be the three best words to describe the music of GRASPS_, PTWIGGS and WA?STE. All exploring huge dark soundscapes through their music, their tracks vibrate with bass against echoing samples and industrial synths. Production powerhouses in their own right, the three have collaborated for one terrifying new single 'PRAYING WAITING'.

The track opens with a pulsing bass under drum hits, already massive alongside dense clashes of sound. Tension grows as the soundscape swirls to a head, revealing a huge wall of warbled screams and static noise. A gentle, plucked melody contrasts the intense percussive crashes and twisted vocal samples throughout.

Knowing the work of the three separately, you can notice where each has had more input across the track. Ptwiggs through the harp style melody, Was?te in the echoing ambient builds and Grasps_ in the unrelenting crashes. This track could have been made by any one of the three, but the power of multiple creative minds helps blow this one out of the water. Even with their signature elements and touches throughout, this track is a whole new beast that these producers have created.

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Among the metallic synths and samples of plates and glass smashing, the three artists have found a common ground: spooking the listener through a mix of ambient builds and crashing hits that would make any club goer jolt as they try to dance along.

The anime sample of the track echoes, "I can't rely on anyone!" but this track disproves that sentiment, with Was?te, Grasps_ and Ptwiggs coming together to produce a eerie example of friendship and collaboration, through this track 'PRAYING WAITING'.