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Live Review: Holiday Sidewinder finds pure pop toxicity in 'Baby Oil'

26 April 2019 | 12:21 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Pop provocateur HOLIDAY SIDEWINDER is back baby!! After a breathtaking run of singles with a heavy unapologetic focus on her sexual liberation and playing shows across the globe, including Pitchfork's Avante Garde Festival in Paris, 2019's SXSW and more recently, the 10th anniversary of Bad Friday, she's back with a sensational new single.

We've previously drawn comparisons to her and Madonna, and for more reasons than just her confident attitude and glossy aesthetic. Her new single, 'Baby Oil' takes on a shimmering disco-pop aesthetic through her sassy vocals and that glittery synth that drives the track forward.

She reminisces on a lusty weekend away in São Paolo saying 'Memories flood and rush through my brain now'. Lyrically, it's a sensual affirmation, and one that acts as a parting sayonara to her ex.

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Dripping with hedonistic vibes, Holiday Sidewinder doesn't hold back on 'Baby Oil'. Over the track's three and a half minutes, she sings of this past memory, gives a nod to Future's 'Mask Off', perfectly blends disco-pop in with that gnarly guitar solo at the end, and tops it all off with her expert ability to simply write a damn good song.

The metaphor of the track is in its title, 'Baby Oil'. She tells of something seemingly harmless as Baby Oil, but contrasts it with the fact that it's made up of a whole range of petrochemicals. And like this love that seemed harmlessly intoxicating, underneath the allure of it all, it was in actuality, toxic.

She's been hailed a pop sensation by just about everyone, including us, and 'Baby Oil' pushes Holiday Sidewinder forth as a blinding force to be reckoned with.