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Live Review: Kavi debuts energetic electro-pop single, 'REALITY TV'

7 October 2021 | 11:29 am | Katy Chantharasy

Kavi is a creative whose talents span and with this new single the electronic pop producer-vocalist is becoming one to watch.

Naarm/Melbourne grown, Eora/Sydney based artist Kavi has released his new single ‘REALITY TV’. Karvesh Pillai is a creative whose talents span across community radio, a record label and modelling and with this new single the electronic pop producer-vocalist is becoming one to watch.

Kavi introduces us to his world of energetic pop-come-club music, with ‘REALITY TV’, which frames a dysfunctional situationship through the melodrama and over-the-top sensationalism of trashy reality television. The track is a blend of the hyperactive, infectious energy of the dancefloor and the carefree elation of pop music. The accompanying visuals pay tribute to early 2000s music videos, the very same which first introduced Kavi to Western music, kick-starting his exploration of self-expression through music.

Emerging from a conservative Hare Krishna environment, Kavi Took a trip to Berlin where he commenced a journey of self-discovery in his queerness and confidence. He was inspired to write music as an outlet for his self-expression, and to build a world for other queer POC to feel liberated and exhilarated. 

“For a very long time, I had no idea how to exist at the intersection of queerness and being a person of colour. I became infatuated with the theatrics and space-filling nature of pop hits- they made me feel like, for the three-and-a-half minutes of this pop track, I could take up space.” 

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“Seeing this project through has been one of my proudest achievements- a full circle experience that I hope lost and confused baby-Kavi would be proud of too. I'm glad I’ve finally found a world for him to belong to. ‘REALITY TV’ is the first taster of a world I’m building for al the queer, coloured kids who don't know how to exist. KLUBKAVI is where I get to exist on my own terms.”

Image via Kushi Patel