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Live Review: Submerge yourself in Leng Hock's haunting 'This Way'

13 September 2017 | 9:25 am | Jackson Langford

Fear and haunting is always a confronting theme to have thrust upon you when you're listening to a new track. When the synths scream of midnight dealings and and the beat stalks and creeps in your ears and through your veins, you know that your trapped in LENG HOCK's web. The venom that drips from every word spoken with his forked tongue is fast-acting, painless with no known antidote. Leng Hock has you now, but the twist is once you hear 'This Way', you'll never want to leave.

Exploring the same twisted RnB fronts as that of The Weeknd before him, this rising star has teamed up with producer GAMERA to give us this foggy, moonlit tune. Sounding like Australia's answer to 'The Hills', Leng Hock grabs a hold of your attention and never lets go. His psycho-sexual expedition is both intoxicating and alarming, as the woozy distortion placed on his vocals slur you into a trance.

The entirety of 'This Way' hinges on his completely unabashed documentation of sex - complete with sampled orgasms - and he toes the line devilishly between enticing and disturbing. It's a sombre affair that feels like tomorrow's hangover might regret, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. What matters right here, right now is that Leng Hock's holding you tightly, and only the sunrise can ruin this toxic euphoria.

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