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Live Review: 'Stay' with Blush'ko is fundamental London Topaz listening

14 August 2019 | 11:09 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

London Topaz returns strongly again on his latest single. He wears both his heart and influences on his sleeve, reflected perfectly on this new track.

London Topaz returns strongly with his brand new single 'Stay' featuring Blush'ko via Daily Nightly Records.

The Melbourne based producer wears both his heart and influences on his sleeve, and they're perfectly reflected on this new track. The single is said to be about "taking ownership of your own growth". This theme is presented in the form of a chilled back dance heater. With summer festivals such as Beyond the Valley and his biggest headline shows to date coming later in the year 'Stay' is a perfect introduction to the Lodon Topaz story.

The track is a journey. Elegant ethereal synths build a cinematic intro. It starts minimal and stripped back, giving space for Blush'ko's powerful and raw vocals. The synths build layer by layer, and so does the track. Its beating pulse is a simple drum pattern driving the song into second gear. It sways and move as elements continuously join and disappear. The subtle build of the track gives it a narrative form, one that pulls and sways, keeping the audience intrigued.

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The dance elements of 'Stay' don't overshine its elegant beauty. It's a factor that allows for extreme crossover potential and success. It taps into emotion and also movement the same way a Hayden James, or RUFUS DU SOL track would.

Continuously growing and developing his brand, London Topaz is paving an infectious path.