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Live Review: Nico Ghost gives a shoutout to badass women in 'Jackie Brown'

19 September 2017 | 3:22 pm | Jackson Langford

If there's one thing hip-hop needs more of, it's an appreciation and recognition of strong, badass women by their male counterparts. Too often we see misogyny rear its ugly head in hip-hop - through lyrics or external actions by rappers - despite the amount of fierce, powerful and assertive women who are staking their claim in the industry. However, with a new track named after one of the strongest female characters ever, Melbourne MC NICO GHOST is enforcing typical hip-hop braggadocio and melting with a recognition of strong women - a perfect combination.

With the laidback production on 'Jackie Brown', helmed by SEYWOODNico Ghost is allowing himself, and more importantly us, to explore every aspect of his self-empowered mind and have it completely uninterrupted. Much like the namesake badass, Ghost is completely unapologetic in knowing just how great he is. With a stalking bassline and rolling drum meter, he fires non-stop bullets, his aim always on his detractors.

It's that spitfire delivery that makes 'Jackie Brown' so enticing. Thematically it's nothing new, but the assured way Nico Ghost compares himself to one of modern film's most powerful women is not only unheard of - it's important. It's in the way he believes in himself, even with the background noise telling him he's crazy, that is guaranteeing that you're gonna believe in him too.

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