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Live Review: Ninajirachi lifts her own song to even greater heights with her VIP mix of 'Alight'

24 July 2020 | 2:25 pm | Jessica Negus

All-time Purple Sneakers fave Ninajirachi returns with a club edit of 'Alight', off the back of a winning EP 'Blumiere'.

After releasing a fresh EP, ‘Blumiere’, only a handful of months ago, one would think Ninajirachi would be let off the hook from releasing new music for a while. Instead, after sneakily hinting at it in our interview earlier in the year, Ninajirachi has followed through on releasing her ‘Alight’ club edit, a romping VIP mix that sounds perfectly on brand and provides another entirely unique soundscape.

The ominous opening gives way to Ninajirachi’s own vocals, which sound a touch more fast-paced and anthemic compared to the original song, and provide their own rhythm for the percussion to build upon. From there, it’s all about the quickly shifting synths and rubbery bassline, layered further with more fleeting vocal samples. The second bridge falls into a more typical four-to-the-floor tech-y rhythm, amplifying the wild ride provided by the second drop. 

Ninajirachi’s second offering for ‘Alight’ emphasises her strong creative potential and vision, and ability to bring constant, fresh energy to club music. Here’s hoping we can see ‘Alight (VIP Mix)’ live in action sooner rather than later.

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