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Live Review: Sample detuned lowkey techno on Nutrition's EP, 'Glasshouse'

24 August 2017 | 8:15 am | Holly O'Neill

Like a good growing boy, Melbourne producer NUTRITION has been feeding himself a balanced diet of tunes of all genres to keep himself inspired. His most recent EP, Glasshouse, is an exploration of genres from all of the major food groups, giving us tastes of house, breakbeat, ambient, techno and trap.

The three tracks feel like separate entities but are all linked through Nutrition's lo-fi sound, love of detuned synths and live drum samples. Collectively, the EP is a relaxed, hazy experience of diverse tracks that will have you feelin' good in under 15 minutes.

The opener to the EP, 'Valium', eases us into the world of Glasshouse with CLEE WORTS' clear vocals cutting through an echoing soundscape. The final minute of the track introduces a snappy drum pattern tapping away over rumbling bass, moving from ambient meditation to trappy RnB in a flash.

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'Altered Memories' is Nutrition's ode to chill tech house, utilising a number of nostalgia inducing samples and synth presets. The many lo-fi layers all feel a little off, detuned and out of sync with each other, but this track still manages to make it a cohesive experience.

The title track is almost like two songs in one, as it opens with twinkling samples that grow more menacing with the introduction of piano and chopped vocal samples. As the 'Glass House' reaches a head it drops off, stripping back to layers of hypnotising, repeated melody and skittering drums.

Separately the three tracks could not be more different, taking inspiration from opposing genres sometimes within the same track. But together in this Glasshouse EP, Nutrition shows off his versatility in production and cohesion in his sound.