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Live Review: PREMIERE: Introducing Odesity and his emotive new electro bop, 'Loveless'

15 September 2020 | 10:04 am | Emma Jones

Far North Queenslander producer Odesity delivers his biggest single yet with the warm and intense 'Loveless'.

Far North Queenslander producer ODESITY has been making music for a while now, cautiously honing his craft as a mastermind behind escapist, emotive electronica. His aim is to tell stories within his production, inspired by the sprawling sonic journeys of Porter Robinson or Flume, and with each and every single, he's continued to evolve and level up. However, we reckon his latest single titled 'Loveless' is his best one yet, and we're thrilled to be premiering it today on Purple Sneakers.

Hitting in all the right places, 'Loveless' was almost never heard by the rest of the world with Odesity revealing it was nearly forgotten completely. It wasn't until a chance encounter when collaborating with the vocalist we can now hear on the song that his passion for the track and consequent inspiration was reignited, giving him the push he needed to take it to new heights. With swirling atmospherics, piercing percussion and a thudding bass line, 'Loveless' is warm and intense. By the time we reach its first hook and breakdown with its screeching synths and off-kilter melodies, paired with the perfect pop vocals to make it a complete earworm, 'Loveless' has completely washed over you. As things really kick into gear around the 2:43 mark, you have no choice but to give in completely as that intensity is amplified and that yearning emotional energy becomes palpable.

A masterclass in ebb and flow, Odesity knows exactly when to pull the song right back before letting it all come crashing in again. Seriously impressive in its meticulous production and fine-tuned approach, it's a big moment from a producer worth keeping both eyes firmly fixed on.

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'Loveless' is out September 16th.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied