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Live Review: It's a club party with SHOUSE in their new release, 'Openshouse #3'

12 September 2017 | 8:50 am | Julie Fenwick

Holed up in their Collingwood Studio over the Winter SHOUSE return from their not-so-sleepy hibernation with Openshouse #3.

Holed up in their Collingwood Studio over the winter, SHOUSE return from their not-so-sleepy hibernation with Openshouse #3. It’s a collaboration project between Melbourne producers Ed Service and Jack Madin, who are not opposed to experimentation in their live shows. They also seem to be partial to deep house beats and zany artist features on their tracks.

‘Give Me All Of Your Love’, the first track from the release, and featuring Jude from Pro Pillow, is said to be an ode to 90’s All Saints ‘Brit-pop’. This is a pretty good comparison, especially in the intro to All Saints' ‘Never Ever’.

‘Raffles’ is a conversational track; it’s all about the music, and it wants the music to ‘just be what it is’. It’s what good house is about; deep beat, ambient nature, long sections dedicated to creating atmosphere. And who can say they don’t love an Australian accent with a cheeky laugh? The vocals say, 'The music’s never been about the music, it’s about everything that comes with the music.’ And that’s too true.

Finally, I’ve always said that brass, specifically the Sax, does well in electronic music. And so, when used in Shouse's final track, ‘The Answer’, it is no exception. Smooth and seductive while placed over that deep house beat, the essence of a windy New Orleans midnight comes to fruition. In fact, the entire release can only be described as smoky. Smoky rooms, smoky soundscapes, smoky nights.

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Melbourne really is shaping up to be the electronic capital of Australia. Great talent seems to be emerging from the dark corners of clubs all over the city. Of course, Shouse is a prime example of this. Their pure, deep-house is perfect for the dimly lit basement venues Melbourne is so well known for. The duo, as well, really seem to be working hard on getting their names and music out there. They’ll be joining Austrian producer DEMUJA on his Australian tour and have, just recently, played their third Openshouse club party at The Gasometer in Melbourne. It's an exciting new addition to the thriving electronic landscape on offer around the country right now, and given the big moves they continue to make, we expect we'll be seeing a lot more of them very soon!