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Live Review: PREMIERE: Orches delivers the gritty yet gorgeous '1999'

13 June 2018 | 9:59 am | Jackson Langford

Orches has melted his intense, gritty production with his beautiful vocal delivery on '1999' in a way that makes for one of 2018's most exciting listens.

Nostalgia plays an undeniable role in the music that's getting released today. Hearing certain notes, instruments or even a voice can instantly transport you back to a feeling, a location, an event - some sort of milestone that your brain has subconsciously kept attached to that style of music. While today's music is cloaked in 90's R&B and 80's electro-pop retrospect, ORCHES is taking nostalgia in an entirely different direction with '1999'.

The 90's were weird and wonderful to say the very least. Everything was completely maximalist, completely free-spirited and completely strange. In '1999' Orches fuses all of those key elements of electronic music in the 90's seamlessly, while still delivering a gritty, grinding track that feels fresh. Mixed by OCDANTAR and mastered by ANDREI EREMIN, it's dark and stalking with a massive industrial feel, but his crystal clear, illuminative voice gives the whole song a stunning glossy coat of paint.

Orches has masterfully melted his intense, gritty production with his beautiful vocal delivery on '1999' in such a way that it makes for one of the most interesting listens of 2018 yet. It's splashed with synths and the beat pulses powerfully the whole way through, but while Orches harks back to the past on a dark sounding track, his future looks nothing but bright.

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Orches '1999' Single Launch

June 16, Horse Bazaar

Supported by Spectoral, Twofold Vision, Phoenix Mansion.

Image: Supplied