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Live Review: Sink into the hypercolour dream that is Oscar Oscar's 'Hey Ho'

2 August 2017 | 10:26 am | Jackson Langford

It's a monumentally hard task to have one song transport you to a completely different landscape. Generally one would need a whole album to do that, and even then very few artists can truly achieve this feat. Veteran artists are still struggling to figure out how to do. Newcomer OSCAR OSCAR, however, has mastered it and he's only on his debut single. 'Hey Ho' is your technicolour anime dream that you won't want to wake up from.

'Hey Ho' is a beautifully understated track that uses glitchy synths and melts them gorgeously with light but effective percussion. It glides you through a wonderland of both neon and pastel, relying on subtlety and minimalism to anchor the entire song. It's an impressive debut effort that somehow feels both of the past and of the future. The way Oscar Oscar has yielded every element in the most careful and respectful manner is beautiful to withhold, and sets him on track for an incredibly bright career.

Oscar Oscar, with his stunning debut 'Hey Ho', has achieved a feat that most mainstays are yet to achieve. His sounds are so vivid and resonating that a wondrous landscape swirls and moulds right in front of you. As you're guided deeper into this sea of bright lights and bigger beats, you'll discover more new elements through each trip. Whether it's the flute-inspired backing track that sporadically glitters or the ominous muffled synth that closes the song, 'Hey Ho' is the expedition that keeps on giving and Oscar Oscar is the perfect leader.

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