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Live Review: Rainbow Chan's 'Let Me' is vulnerable and evocative pop at its finest

13 September 2017 | 9:08 am | Jackson Langford

The clarity that RAINBOW CHAN delivers on new track 'Let Me' is so stunning it's worth a double take. Seldom does pop music travel into these territories of vulnerability so extreme it's almost painful. Yet and still, with her heart on her sleeve and her wits on her tongue, Rainbow Chan produces thoughtful, evocative and oh so dreamy pop music with 'Let Me.'

Peppered with elements of Kelela and FKA twigsRainbow Chan has mastered this sort of textural pop and injected it with overwhelming emotion and nuance. Like a beautiful handwritten letter in a pop world of shady subtweets, 'Let Me' intrinsically explores those areas of relationships that we're often so afraid to voice. Flaws and all, she is completely unafraid and unanchored as she airs her dirty laundry and walks away with her head held high.

"Let me go now," she sings with a slight beg to her voice. She doesn't know what more her lover wants from her. There's no more lies to be told, and no more words to be said. She just wants to leave - her pride has been compromised and is after stability. Stability is something we're all after in love, and being with someone who you consistently fall in and out of love with is as precarious as relationships get. Rainbow Chan has made up her mind, so just let her go. She deserves it.

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