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Live Review: PREMIERE: Swish Music's Reddeye Glizzi makes his mark with debut single 'Pop Pop'

3 September 2020 | 11:05 am | Emma Jones

The latest release from the rising Swish Music crew comes from Redeye Glizzi, who makes his mark with 'Pop Pop'.

Since the release of the explosive 'Showtime' earlier this year, we have been hooked on Queensland's Swish Music crew. The 12-person collective continues to make impressive moves, and each and every release only further confirms there's something seriously special cooking up in Ipswich. Now, only cementing that even more, one of the crew's members arrives in style with a debut single of his own which we are thrilled to premiere on Purple Sneakers today.

Meet Redeye Glizzi, one-twelfth of Swish Music. Born in Uganda and raised in Ipswich, he channels a classic Atlanta trap sound on his debut release, 'Pop Pop'. Tapping Dau Dau, Deemenace, Yung E Boomin and Ruga, it's a formidable posse cut that shows each artist feeding off the others, sharing the spotlight while making their own vocies heard. Complete with the same high quality visuals we've come to expect from the crew, the palpable high energy in this track is infectious. Each person in this clip looks like they're having such a great time, only adding to how exciting things seem to be in the world of Redeye Glizzi and the Swish Music community.

Redeye Glizzi said of the single, “It was actually deemenace who had pulled up with the beat in the first, I remember I was chilling at dau’s and him and young E pulled up played the beat and the rest is history ahahah."

With big goals in his eyes, Redeye Glizzi meets the already high bar set by the rest of the Swish Music crew throughout 2020, and shows there is plenty more exciting stuff in the works with this crew. When talking about his future, he said, "My goals for the future are to try and become a major influencer in the music scene and use the platform to help give back to the community by either starting up programs for the kids or club activities."

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Listen to 'Pop Pop' below:

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied