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Live Review: SEVDALIZA 'Marilyn Monroe'

19 June 2015 | 12:25 pm | Kirsty Marillier

27 year old Netherlands based singer slash producer, SEVDALIZA isn't afraid to explore the complex facets of the human condition.

Not long after making her debut with her self released EP, Suspended Kid, earlier this year, Dutch artist SEVDALIZA gives us a special ode with her new single 'Marilyn Monroe'.

27 year old Netherlands based singer/producer, SEVDALIZA isn't afraid to explore the complex facets of the human condition. While honing a sound that is distinctly her own, she's started creating experimental lo-fi that is harmonic, spacious and deeply emotive.

After self releasing, Suspended Kid, in April, she was picked up by headlining label Warp Records, to prosper alongside other electronic heavyweights (eg. Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus). SEVDALIZA gives us a look beyond the veil of Marilyn Monroe, with a track that sits amongst a series representing the aspects of womanhood, and how fragility is ever present within feminine ideals.

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'Marilyn Monroe' moves forward with a fluid melody and hypnotic repetition that engrosses you. Reverated harmonies soar over the top of a simple, steady beat - making this track minimalist, lullaby of sorts. With her opaque tones and emotionally palpable lyrics SEVDALIZA's takes on the lo-fi genre with style and nuance. Listen to her track above.

Listen to more SEVDALIZA via Soundcloud.