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Live Review: 'SHAME/DESIRE' drives HABITS forward with new single

10 August 2017 | 8:16 am | Lloyd Crackett

Habits have gotten new sad goth party jams for you to get down to in more ways than one, get your 'SHAME/DESIRE' out with their new banger

HABITS truly need little introduction, with their spectacular live sets including stunning visuals, visceral performances and their tendency to play alongside some of the coolest names in alternative electronic music like friendships, BV and Wahe - the Habits train is one you should already be on, 'cause now we got a single yet again solidifying why we love them so much.

‘SHAME/DESIRE’ combines raw vocals, insane production and lyrical honesty that comes together as so very Habits. Even the single cover is on the money: dicks out, mask on – harps are a go. The undertone of the track is bleak and self-reflective, with lyrics like, ‘My insecurities aren’t cute anymore,’ standing out. The reflective nature posed against the intense production shows that it isn’t just a track to feel down to, it’s to get down to – shame and desire are bedfellows and can’t be engaged alone.

Highlights include the near wailing before the first dance break, it’s heavenly yet loud and abrasive. All the sounds could come together to be choral but they don’t, they experiment onwards to something bounding forward with energy. “I won't look to you to complete me,” also stands out, as while the song focuses on some negative emotions, it isn’t without its maturity. Habits aren’t just exploring the conventions of music, but of human interaction – examining how and why we do the things we do to and with one another. ‘SHAME/DESIRE’ is the experimental sad goth party jam that combines your Saturday night with your Tuesday comedown.

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‘SHAME/DESIRE’ is the first among many self-produced tracks Habit’s will be putting out this year, ahead of their headline tour of Australia and New Zealand. Habits will be playing at GOMA in Brisbane for their Up Late Series in conjunction with the Marvel exhibit on August 11th.

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