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Live Review: Ship Sket releases terrifying four-track EP, 'Body Pit'

7 December 2017 | 10:00 am | Camilla Patini

Sydney's Sidechains have released a slew of stellar releases in 2017, making this year one of their best yet. In amongst presenting tours, hosting their own radio show on FBi Radio and being general legends, they've also managed to release some really unique and forward-thinking music this year, and - not ones to let the year get away from them just yet - they're continuing this trend with their latest release. Teaming up with UK producer SHIP SKETSidechains has now shared a brand new EP by the name of Body Pit.

On Body Pit, Ship Sket creates a terrifying world so rich in menacing detail that the music almost functions as your own personal nightmare and/or horror film. ‘EXIT WOUND’ provokes particular discomfort, built on video game samples featuring zombies, demonic laughter, warbling screams, the electronic equivalent of shrieking and dark industrial beats. Overall, Body Pit is a frightening (and for that reason exciting) experience.

This four-track EP is almost like a video game itself. Titles suggest levels and/or obstacles to be overcome, while players/listeners require grit to succeed, i.e. to make it the whole way through this scary-as-shit release. A word of warning: it's not easy-listening and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

‘LEECH HUT’ is the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Riddled with lazer zaps, glitchy, shattering glass and warbled Chinese in the background, it’s an overwhelming experience. “Does it hurt?” asks a female voice at one point. This is followed by what sounds like military chanting. Ship Sket uses his samples wisely across these songs to create just the right amount of creepy. A little girl’s uncanny voice in ‘BACK ALLEY SECT’ is a case in point.

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All four tracks sound almost as jarring and painful as scraping a blackboard with your fingernail (if you like that kind of thing). 'BACK ALLEY SECT’ is arguably the EP’s most terror-filled and anxiety-inducing track. It has a deep and dark metallic sound to it, which is offset slightly by a bouncier beat in the song's latter half.

‘FEMUR’ opens with satanic chanting, bullets firing and a woman singing in a non-descript but perhaps Eastern European language. The overall effect is chilling. It closes with a different woman’s pained crying, followed perhaps by the sound of a monster of some kind doing what we suppose is eating her alive. It's definitely a Game Over for her.

Body Pit is an inventive, daring and all-immersive amalgamation of industrial club sounds and hyper energetic grime. You can expect to be shocked and repulsed yet also fascinated and excited by it.

Photo: Supplied