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Live Review: Tabrill drops second saga instalment with 'Lossless'

29 August 2017 | 9:08 am | Freya Dinesen

Brisvegas producer TABRILL has bequeathed hit latest soft-skewed electronic number, ‘Lossless’, coming hot on the heels of his first epic, ‘Sans’.

Brisvegas producer TABRILL has bequeathed hit latest soft-skewed electronic number, ‘Lossless’. This latest single comes hot on the heels of ‘Sans’ just a few months back and features the mysterious vocal musings of a new artist simply known as Emily.

Renowned as a producer whose work goes beyond the face value of his tracks, Tabrill has yet again plunged into his intertwining narrative ethos. In ‘Sans’, we saw this lad strive away from the ‘faceless producer’ platitude and put his focus into a more story-driven project surrounding a character referred to as Owun. ‘Lossless’ continues this newly developing saga as Tabrill goes deep into the psyche of the protagonist, posing questions about Owun’s origins.

Tabrill explained that, “Upon finding an old photograph, our protagonist Owun comes to the realization that the memories of his past aren’t as clear as he thought. Actually, he can’t really remember anything. Who was he in his past life? Where did he come from? What else has he forgotten? Why has he forgotten? Determined to scrape together even just a fragment of his memory, Owun sets out to find the source of the photograph. With no real idea where to even begin searching Owun just starts walking in no particular direction. ‘Lossless’ acts as a sort of inner-monologue for Owun throughout his journey."

With this as the narrative, it’s easy to imagine Owun’s journey. Harbouring exuberant woodwind tones as its opening hook, ‘Lossless’ sets a highly animated stage for this unravelling sonic adventure. Tabrill’s signature percussive glitch beats are met with the warm, rich tones of Emily’s delicately laid vocals, acting as the perfect storyteller of this lone ranger in amongst the song's pulsating melodies and melting synths textures.

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Tabrill's continued melodic exploration through Owun's guise in 'Lossless' indicates that he might well be underway to be shedding a new identity for himself even after this project is finito. Be sure to stay tuned for more tales as they evolve.