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Live Review: PREMIERE: Tigertown takes over Billy Fox's 'Taste'

30 August 2017 | 11:19 am | Emma Jones

The ever-evolving BILLY FOX continued his impressive run this year with the future-soul sounds of his latest single, 'Taste'. Featuring his trademark high-pitched vocals and coupled with his unique production flairs, the song served as a step up for the Sydney talent in terms of his ultimate creative and drive to push himself.

Now, while we really loved the original, there's been an exciting development in the journey of 'Taste', as fellow Sydneysiders TIGERTOWN jumped on remix duties. Harnessing the whirring and spiralling outro of 'Taste' and capturing that same seductive feeling from the vocals, Tigertown have doubled down on the feel-good vibes, and combined it with their own shimmering style to create something entirely different.

With heavy synths, blooming atmospherics and a thick beat to carry it along, Tigertown take 'Taste' to new heights. Lead guitarist Chris Collins said of the remix, "The thing I love about Billy's track is that it's like a dark, moody build up. The suspense is awesome, so I thought it'd be cool to give a feeling of 'release' in my approach for the remix. Offering a conclusion to the suspense." And so he has, offering a sense of closure to the unrelenting suspense Fox laid down in his original.

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Having just wrapped up a tour across the country, we're hoping this isn't the last we've heard from Billy Fox this year, or even between Fox and Tigertown. Until then though, this will be more than enough to quench our thirst.

Words by Emma Jones