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Live Review: tomtom gives it 100% on sultry jam '95ish'

18 October 2017 | 10:02 am | Jackson Langford

TOMTOM, who is making a name for himself across the country for his crisp and on-trend production, can now add professional risk-taker to his resume. Whether that risk be his embracing of his talents and releasing the first song he's ever done with solely his vocals, or whether it be the song in question only lasting about '95ish' seconds, tomtom sees no barriers and no obstacles. Nothing inhibits him from doing exactly what he wants to do, and he's making that abundantly clear in '95ish.'

'95ish' begins with a quintessential "tomtom on the beat" opener, but it isn't until we're halfway through before we realise this is far less thumping than one would anticipate. On the contrary, '95ish' is a slow-burning and smooth-sailing jam that puts the producer's vocal prowess on full display. Completely exposing a talent that an audience doesn't immediately associate you with can be daunting, but tomtom shows no sense of fear or hesitation in letting us hear his admittedly beautiful vocal delivery.

It's fitting that tomtom would let us see another side to him considering the song, in and of itself, is entrenched in honesty. The song flows beautifully between nostalgic R&B and futuristic production and tomtom is letting his stream of consciousness flow without restriction or censorship. It's a beautifully vulnerable ride, even if it only lasts for 95ish seconds.

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