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Live Review: Sam Weston delivers a rambunctious remix of Total Giovanni's 'Your Light'

7 November 2017 | 9:54 am | Camilla Patini

Sydney producer Sam Weston has given Total Giovanni’s sensuous, Italo-disco track ‘Your Light’ a sexy house reworking, transforming the original's ambient, evocative sound into a heady, six-minute, conga-pattern-driven bacchanalia. Featuring crazy, rambunctious cries and "Yeah baby"s, as well as whistling, laughing and whooping throughout, it’s a restless, high-energy, seemingly never-ending track that recreates all the madness of one of Total Giovanni's dramatic live performances. If this track won't make the walls sweat then I don’t know what will.

In his remix, Weston eschews Total Giovanni’s falsetto disco chorus for the hypnotic "Through your light," a line which is repeated in the song’s middle and closing sections in classic disco/Italo style. The phrase seeps deep into your subconscious, repeated as it is hypnotically and incessantly until it seemingly fades away.

The song tapers off a bit around the three-minute mark, but Weston wisely relaunches around the 3:25 mark, giving the song a well-timed energetic nudge with louder beats and an overall intensified crowd whooping. There are some nice, submerged, “underwater” sections where the music feels almost peripheral or muted, lending some much needed variety. But the effect only lasts a few seconds before we’re thrown back into the song’s stomping melange of disco, house, new wave and pop. Weston closes without ever slowing down.

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Weston proves himself to be a versatile producer with this new remix. It seems he can do no wrong.