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Live Review: Woodes is here to conquer with 'Dots'

20 October 2017 | 11:43 am | Jackson Langford

Woodes sets out to impress with her latest single, 'Dots' in all its vast and enchanting glory, as well as announcing some tour dates to boot!

In her new song, WOODES is as vast as the Earth itself. She's as ruthless as the ocean. She's as tranquil as a rainforest. She's as colossal as a desert. She's as mighty as a mountain. But, most importantly, Woodes has ensured that her musical prowess will no longer go unnoticed with the all-conquering, all-powerful anthem that is 'Dots'.

From the opening seconds, we're flooded with a sense of mystery and wonder. Woodes seems isolated yet completely in control. As she adventures through each booming drum hit and each breath of backing vocals, she has a purpose. "You left a trail and now I wonder, 'Do you want to be found?'" she muses, seeming like she will stop at nothing to find what she's after.

That unshakable determination that booms out of Woodes' stunning vocal delivery is only matched by the sheer vastness of the melody. Not once is there a subtle moment, not once is she thinking about giving up. She breathes a wisdom and a power into this song that is so very beyond what you'd expect from an up-and-comer. The song feels like a true force of nature. But that is only because Woodes is a force of nature and there's no escaping her love, her wrath or her inevitable conquering of the music industry.

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Catch her on tour at the below dates!

March 02 / Sydney - Leadbelly

March 03/ Melbourne - The Toff

March 10/ Brisbane - Black Bear Lodge