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Live Review: PREMIERE: Yollks enlists Lupa J & Lalic for two thumping remixes of 'Charms'

28 November 2018 | 12:11 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

I'm not sure if you know this, but we're a little bit obsessed with Melbourne producer YOLLKS. Around six months ago, we premiered her third single 'Charms' - 'one that infuses UK Garage, absolutely flawless vocals and house music stylings'.

Well, we're continuing on the premiere train here and today we're sharing two absolutely thumping remixes of the track from Melbourne experimentalist LALIC and Sydney's own dark pop queen LUPA J.

Lalic brings half-time percussion into this one, experimenting with depth and texture. They've chopped the vocals up to blend seamlessly with the deep choral line in the background of this one. The choppy vocals begin simply as a layer sandwiched within this one, but as the track progresses, the vocal line slowly becomes the melody, and fades into a reverb-drenched dream. The percussion remains crisp and driving throughout this one, and it truly has been given the sweet, sweet Lalic touch.

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Lupa J's taken her remix in another direction, giving us four to the floor techno right from the onset. Much like her music, there's this deep-seated darkness embedded within that only she knows how to create. Giving the vocals an airy effect and layering them so that they float along the top of the thumping, pulsing instrumental, she's created a beautiful sense of balance here, one that's accentuated by the haunting chime that comes in towards the end of the track.

Yollks has enlisted some of the best and most apt artists around to take on her track 'Charms', and the results are thoughtful, eclectic and really allows for both artist's styles to shine on through.

Lalic photo by Atong Atem

Lupa J photo by Nathan Moas/Land Systems