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Live Review: Ziggy Ramo reimagines Miiesha's stunning 'Tjitji'

29 October 2020 | 12:46 pm | Claudia Fallon

Ziggy Ramo is leaving his imprint on Australia's national conversation, sharing essential stories and experiences through the lens of Indigenous Australia.

With a string of moving releases since his emergence in 2016, Ziggy Ramo is leaving his imprint on Australia's national conversation, sharing essential stories and experiences through his own personal lens. After releasing his exceptional album, Black Thoughts, earlier this year he's returned with another stellar release, this time reworking Miiesha's 'Tjitji'. Together, Ziggy joins Miiesha in voicing their authentic Indigenous perspectives through swift rap verses, soulful vocals, and rhythmic hip-hop. Staring discrimination, racism, mental health, and survival in the face, both artists speak for the many who are voiceless.

Creating rhymes that feel like words of empowerment, Ziggy heralds change in a world that is aching from generational trauma and the continuation of inequality. As he shares a personal story that will resonate with an entire culture, listeners hear not only his own journey as an Indigenous man, but the journey of all those who belong to the world's oldest living culture. With punchy beats, atmospheric sounds, soft keys, and smooth RnB textures, this melodious tune emboldens careful lyricism that speaks for generations past, present, and future. Keeping Miiesha's original angelic vocals threaded throughout, this version of 'Tjitji' is truly something special.

Talking about his collaboration with MiieshaZiggy said, “Miiesha is such an incredible artist. I was blown away by her album. She is a storyteller that is so giving. Listening to 'Tijtji' I felt compelled to tell my story. It was such a privilege to be able to sample her art and offer my own in return.”

Choosing to use his voice to bring about awareness and change, Ziggy is an artist who leaves an impact with his intricate lyricism and emotive music. Set to appear on the forthcoming compilation album Deadly Hearts – Walking Together, 'Tjitji' will join other songs from a new generation of Indigenous Australians who are set to share iconic and inspirational songs that hold a special place in their identity. Creating space for a new generation of storytellers, this new album will allow the many modern sounds of Indigenous Australia to be heard.

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Emerging on the scene four years ago, and releasing his Black Thoughts album earlier this year, Ziggy Ramo continues to share strong storytelling that is already leaving an imprint. Let's hope this isn't the last time we hear these two on a track together.


Image: Supplied