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Live Review: PREMIERE: Zoe A'dore guides us through her 'Galaxy'

10 May 2019 | 10:13 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Future-power-pop artist ZOE A'DORE, hailing from Melbourne, today returns with her emotionally charged, galactic new single 'Galaxy'. After exploding into our consciousness last year with her debut, 'Bury It', she's been working hard, honing her craft and working with some of the best in the biz to really lock in her sound.

'Galaxy' was co-written with Gypsy & The Cat's Lionel Towers, the pair really focusing on showcasing the breadth of Zoe's stellar approach to songwriting. Outside of the pairing, she also studied audio engineering, really locking in the production side of her works, and even travelling over to London to attend the prestigious Nandos Music Exchange.

The track itself is centred around the dreaminess effortlessly captured in Zoe's voice. The lush, airy nature of the production works confidently in tandem with her voice to deliver the perfect track to really get introspective with.

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Of the track's coming together, Zoe said:

"When I heard 'Galaxy' for the first time, for me it was one of those tracks where you only need to hear the first few seconds and you already know that it feels right for you... The track has this very dreamy vibe and it felt like this weight was lifted off my shoulders, that it was effortless like I was floating through space - and that’s how I came up with the title. 'Galaxy' is this world of endless possibilities because no one really knows exactly what is out there and that’s an exciting concept to me."

And once settling in to the track, you realise how much of a profoundness there is to it. It's celebrating that moment where you find someone and it just clicks, and suddenly everything starts to make sense. Not only that, but it's a track celebrating that feeling of comfort where you can ultimately be free to be yourself around this person.

Zoe leaves us with a parting note, saying "I hope that when people listen to 'Galaxy', it reminds them that it’s okay to be vulnerable/be themselves, not to settle for anything less and the right person for you will come and only enhance that."