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Live Review: Missed Calls: Memphis LK, Night Tales, Kilter & more

18 April 2019 | 3:07 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

If you haven’t got the memo yet, we at Purple Sneakers love new music. Each week, we’re graced with a tonne of new releases, and sometimes, it’s a little hard for us to keep up. Which is why we’re answering some of our missed calls and passing the line over to you. Below is a stellar bunch of new music that you might have missed over the last week.


Kilter - Overdrive (Feat. Yorke)

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It's been a hot minute since we heard new music from KILTER. That's because he's spent the last 12 months in Los Angeles writing for himself and producing for a bunch of other artists too, including CLYPSONicole Millar and Doolie.

We're about to come into a tonne of new music from him later on, but he's diving into the year with 'Overdrive', and he's teamed up with new kid on the block, Yorke to deliver this emotional pop banger.

This weapon of a track does the absolute best to showcase both artists in their prime. Yorke's sweet voice and style of writing is so evident in this one, and with Kilter's careful, methodical approach to producing, both sounds aptly compliment one another.

“’Overdrive’ is a nod towards several of my earliest influences as an artist,” explains Kilter. “I expanded on the Dilla bounce in the drums and bass with hyperactive synths, Yorke’s vocals and a whole lot of happy accidents all accumulating in a furious and futuristic samba."


Autosuggest - Lose Me

Sydney alternative/electronic artist Alec Mallia's been hard at work readying his debut record as AUTOSUGGEST. Titled Tame Harm, the record will feature two previous singles and his new, third single off the record, 'Lose Me'.

A short, breathy vocal sample dominates the intro, until the unmistakeable sounds of Mallia's voice come in. It's modern post-punk at its best, complete with drawling bass, thoughtful guitars and an electronic drum beat that shuffles along as the song progresses.

He's perfectly captured the essence of pop within his particular alternative framework, topped off with short bursts of guitar and a haven of distorted instrumentals.

Autosuggest's debut record Tame Harm will be out May, 24. You can pre-order it here.


Night Tales - Elevate

Sydney electronic duo NIGHT TALES are picking up where they left off with their ecstatic new single 'Elevate'. In true Night Tales fashion, they've struck a stellar balance between vocal house and elaborate instrumentation.

In their own words, “Elevate is story about the journey of being in love to a place of unrequited love & the hopeful possibility of reconciliation. The optimistic reunion of these lovers is reinforced in the chorus. Elevate is the feeling, the connection and the energy from that significant other, whose able to lift you up, inspire you & navigate you through those low times. Elevate is a window into the recent past and a reminder in the present that their ‘loving feeling’ holds a powerful & positive bond.”

And with one listen, you're guaranteed to feel elevated. With bouncy marimbas dancing playfully, sweeping percussion and one hell of a chorus, they've struck a great formula here and one that's emphasised by balance. Try not to feel positive at the end of this one, I dare you.


Memphis LK - Speak Honestly

You'll probably recall the name Memphis LK - she's one half of iconic Melbourne duo SAATSUMA. She's been quietly chipping away on the side with her own music, and she's just given us her debut single, 'Speak Honestly' with one hell of a clip to accompany it.

'Speak Honestly' is a powerful nod to authenticity. With the a vocal hook that repeats itself throughout, the track becomes more than just a track, there's a mantra in it too. Pairing the iconic sounds of Chicago house, Detroit breakbeat and UK garage, LK wrote, produced and recorded this one herself in her Brunswick studio.

Drawing inspiration from dark club atmospheres, the sonic textures of the track translate beautifully into the dimly lit video emphasised by the excellent choreography featured throughout. Directed by her sister Maddy Kelly, she says of the clip "Finding your true self is a process of discovering all sides of your being and accepting those different parts. In the video, Memphis eventually comes to realise that the people she’s trying to fit in with are actually extensions of her. Once she stops and connects within, she is able to embody a renewed sense of self acceptance and authenticity.”


DVNA - Looking Like A Snack

Channelling the broken beat production style of Kaytranada and pairing that with saccharine sweet vocals, Gold Coast singer/songwriter/producer DVNA (pronounced Dar-Na) is back with a new track in 'Looking Like A Snack'.

What initially began as a slow, RnB jam along the lines of Daniel Caesar's 'Get You', has eventuated into a haven of careful production with the silky sound of the classic Fender Rhodes tinkling away whilst various vocal effects chop and change the pace of the track and that crisp percussion does its thing in driving it forward.

What better way to say you want someone back? DVNA's lyricism is both playful and freeing, her confidence shining through in all aspects of the track. 'Looking Like A Snack' is an anthem to those stuck in the feels.

Photo of Memphis LK by Alexandre Dubois

Photo of Night Tales via Facebook

Photo of Kilter by Maclay Heriot