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Live Review: Listen to 'Seven Wonders' featuring 30/70, Daniel Merriweather and more

11 February 2020 | 9:51 am | Staff Writer

From legendary Melbourne crews Wondercore Island and Plug Seven Records, 'Seven Wonders' is all about new movements in Australian jazz and soul.

A new compilation from Plug Seven Records and Wondercore Island is out in the world, and is definitely deserving of your attention. Titled Seven Wonders, the collaborative release features contributions from the likes of 30/70GODTETDaniel Merriweather, members of Hiatus Kaiyote and many more.

Wondercore Island has made a name for themselves thanks to their unrivaled championing of forward-thinking, progressive Melbourne talent in the neo-soul space, and Plug Seven Records' reputation as a Melbourne studio and record store with a penchant for analogue appreciation precedes itself. Together, they bring out the very best of everyone involved on the record, with the bulk of the compilation recorded to tape by Plug Seven founder, Ari Roze.

"The record captures the spontaneity of live performance in Melbourne. You go out and see one-off collaborations between artists, so much cool stuff goes on, I knew we could recreate that energy in the studio,” says Roze.

“Melbourne has different levels and types of musicians from all genres, there are a lot of music venues, and public radio stations like RRR and PBS, have programming which is free form and collector led, meaning you have a wide range of very niche music being aired”, continues Roze. “Local people grow up listening to choice selections from incredible record collectors, and it shows in their response to the music.”

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Seven Wonders is out now on Plug Seven Records and Wondercore Island. Check it out below and peep the full tracklist under that.


1. Barney McAll – ‘Sweet Water’

2. Daniel Merriweather – ‘Everything I Need’

3. Laneous – ‘Sooki the Love Dog’

4. GODTET – ‘Women’s Choir’

5. WVR BVBY – ‘Custard Shoulder’

6. Superfeather – ‘Dempsey Roll’

7. Greg Sheehan, Vinod Prasanna, Perrin Moss – ‘Improvisation #2’

8. James Macaulay Quartet – ‘For Yu Sakamoto’

9. The Rookies – ‘True Realm of the Coin’

10. Jazz Party – ‘Waiting’

11. 30/70 – ‘Drifting’

12. Raw Humps – ‘Odyssey’

13. Moses MacRae feat. Ijale – ‘Work’

14. I Hold the Lion’s Paw feat. Tariro Mavondo – ‘Bones’

Image: Supplied