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Live Review: PREMIERE: Jamatar takes San Mei into Game Boy world with his remix of 'Until You Feel Good'

22 September 2017 | 12:09 pm | Emma Jones

Here at Purple Sneakers, we love a good remix. Remixes breathe new life into original tracks, letting them take on an entirely new form in unchartered territory, and the remix we're premiering today does that and more.

SAN MEI is a name you might be familiar with, but if not, this will serve as a perfect introduction. She's a rising indie rock star from the Gold Coast, who creates blistering rock songs coupled with her jaw-dropping voice. Her live shows pack more than a few punches, and with each and every release she gets louder, heavier and more badass. Her latest single, 'Until You Feel Good' is a perfect example of this, with exceptional production to really make her powerhouse voice break through barriers and make your bones shake. It's a powerful track, which has now been given the remix treatment by JAMATAR.

JAMATAR is an up-and-coming artist in his own right, known for eclectic and unique sounds. The chiptune wizard has taken San Mei's 'Until You Feel Good' apart, and built it back up again into a dreamy number that will complete your Friday afternoon soundtrack.

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With airy synths complementing San Mei's woozy "oohs" and "aahs", Jamatar slows it right down to create a relaxed, driving track complete with his trademark 8-bit sound effects. With thick synths, crisp clicks, and just enough bass to carry it along, Jamatar crafts a smooth jam that only enhances the vocal power of San Mei, while thrusting her into a Game Boy world with a sunset on the horizon.

It's an impressive move from both artists, with each party working outside their comfort zones to create something ultimately quite special. Both San Mei and Jamatar are set for big things over the coming months, and we can't wait to see what comes next!

Words by Emma Jones