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Live Review: Premiere: MUNGMUNG and Taka Perry combine forces on 'SWITCH'

23 June 2021 | 4:50 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Sydney/Eora's MUNGMUNG has combined with rising star Taka Perry to create, 'Switch'. We are luck to be exclusively premiere the track today.

Sydney/Eora's MUNGMUNG has combined with rising star Taka Perry to create, 'Switch'. We are lucky to be exclusively premiere the track today! It's MUNGMUNG's second single to date, and her second time linking up with Taka Perry for a track. 'Switch' follows closely from her latest single, 'DMs' which was released earlier this month. This time however she shows off her sonic versatility, with a softer, soulful cut, juxtaposing the provocative bars of 'DMs' with a lo-fi R&B effort.

Sonically the track is gorgeous, a bouncey yet mellow bass-line is perched comfortably below glistening synths. It lays the perfect bed for MUNGMUNG to deliver her singing cadence, delving into those certain romantic situations wherein people inadvertently end up settling for complacency.

On its creation, MUNGMUNG stated, "SWITCH poses as a question about a relationship (More like “switch-uationship”) with someone who continuously shows mixed signals and complacency. It is the realisation that things are falling apart; The uncertainty slipping through the cracked front. I had the line “Why you gotta flip the Switch, like Nintendo?” encircling my mind during the whole commute to Taka’s studio. Once I went in and voiced it to him, the idea stuck and we just fell into the lo-fi-esque, dreamy, bittersweet scape."

Taka Perry also positively reflects on the creation of the track, “MUNGMUNG and I started working together after she made a duet of a beat I uploaded to TikTok, which eventually became the last single DMs, and Switch is the second song we worked on together. We generally start from a topic, in this case Nintendo Switch, and then we just throw different ideas at the wall until bit by bit a song comes together. It’s so important to just have fun when making music, and all the songs we’ve done together is no exception!”

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