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Live Review: The tracks from Lebanon and The Middle East that inspired Tobiahs

12 May 2020 | 2:20 pm | Emma Jones

Lebanese-Australian producer Tobiahs makes his return with a racing, intense dance track inspired by Beirut's all night club scene.

Lebanese-Australian producer Tobiahs made his return last week with an intoxicating new single titled 'Running' featuring New York based vocalist Iris Lune. Serving as a way to pay tribute to his Middle Eastern heritage while still having a firm future-facing focus, Tobiahs is a racing, intense dance track inspired by the sweat and spirit of Beirut’s all-night club scene.

Following on from his 2019 single, 'Late Night', Tobiahs said of this latest single, "“When I received the vocal, it took me just one listen to realise that it had something really special."

"Everything just clicked, and each element moulded around the vocal seamlessly. Not only did ‘Running’ end up being my personal favourite, it also allows me to showcase a side to my project I’ve been wanting to share for quite some time. The track is more upbeat, it’s club driven music.”

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To celebrate the release of 'Running' and just how special it is to him, Tobiahs has taken us through some of his favourite songs from Lebanon and The Middle East that he's listening to and inspired by. Take a look at his selections below!

Leftovers From - Jad Taleb

This is to me personally one of the most exciting sounds coming out of Lebanon. Jad Taleb’s sound design (he’s also a film composer) is incredible, he should be up there with Europe’s best tech artists. He’s been one of the leaders of the scene in Beirut for a few years now, and the level that these producers are hitting is so exciting. Jad’s Boiler Room is a must watch. 

Atlas (Original Mix) - RedDub, Sam Farsio & Hoolz 

This hidden gem out of Dubai via Germany is a personal favourite. It’s always hard to pull off such simplicity without boring your crowd. This song just works for me. I’m trying to spread the word, maybe Solomun will pick this one up some day...

Set It Off (Original Mix) - Oovation & Etyen

I’m always a fan of a strong, sombre vocal when it comes to tech house. The acapella moments really elevate this track and create a great tension and release. A really nice collab between Oovation and Beirut-based DJ and producer Etyen, who uses a lot of traditional percussion and rhythm in his music.

Roach Material (Hoolz Remix) - Bachir Salloum

Such a great track you can’t help but move to. I love the vocal chops, they feel like they’re a part of the drums and that makes it all sound so clean. Both Bachir and Hoolz were raised in the Beirut scene and are now plying their trade in Dubai.

My Blood (feat Mougleta) (Original Mix) - Moe Turk & TSHNKO

This one is more on the commercial side of the things while still keeping that dance feel with an undeniable bass line. This is the type of vocal (from Lebanese-Canadian pop singer Mougleta) that I really love to work with. The remixes of this track pop up a bit more, but for me you can’t beat the original mix.

Listen to Tobiahs' selections on Spotify:

'Running' is out now via 100s + 1000s.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Jess Brohier