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Live Review: Collarbones drop their first song in 2 years with 'A.I'

6 November 2018 | 1:36 pm | Max Lewis

After too long, Collarbones have finally graced us with new music: titled 'A.I', it's a magical and intense slice of electro-pop.

Today truly is a glorious day, because magical electro-pop duo COLLARBONES have just dropped their first track in 2.5 earth years, and it fucking slaps. 'A.I', alongside a gorgeous video directed by Gussy, proves that good things really can come to those who wait.

A long-distance duo consisting of Sydney experimental starchild Marcus Whale, and Adelaide's equally incredible Travis Cook. Together the duo make glittery, bombastic electro-pop goodness, best expressed on their last single from 2016, 'The Cut'. With three full-length albums (and hopefully a fourth on the way), Collarbones have cemented themselves as a very influential force in the realm of sorta-weird-but-also-super-good electronic music. 'A.I' shows that after all this time the boys still have what it takes to blow our socks right off.

With pounding, erratic percussion and booming bass, 'A.I' establishes itself from the get-go as an absolutely fierce pop anthem. Marcus Whale's vocals soar over orchestral pads before the chorus slams you over the head (in a good way of course) with pulsing synth stabs and smashing drums. The track ebbs and flows from the minimal and contemplative versus and a wall of glorious sound in the chorus. It's a track that lives and breathes unashamed passion - Collarbones haven't been afraid to get in your face before, but I think their skill at it has been fully realised on 'A.I'.

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Directed by fellow Sydney artist Gussy, the video matches the intensity of the music in an effortlessly artistic way. Marcus Whale and Travis Scott perform the song in a void, striking surreal tableaux against strobe lights and fog.  The choreography is timed so effectively to the music, with slow, delicate movements during the verse and grand, sweeping gestures during the chorus. The dance along with the visuals really builds up the heart-pounding intensity of the track in a vital way - alongside the track itself, it's by far some of the most impressive thing Collarbones have dropped. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to hope and pray it won't take almost three years for another taste of their magic.

Photo by Joe Brennan

Words by MAX LEWIS