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Live Review: PREMIERE: Take a trip to outer space with Dro Carey's new video for 'Hold A Vibe' ft. Alexx A-Game

12 August 2020 | 4:01 pm | Emma Jones

Last month, enigmatic producer Dro Carey released his latest single, 'Hold A Vibe'. Today he drops the official visuals.

Last month, enigmatic producer Dro Carey released his latest single, 'Hold A Vibe'. Tapping Alexx A-Game, it was a surprising departure from the deep sounds we've come to expect from the Sydney producer, but a welcome switch up in that it showcased again just how ambitious and driven he remains. Alongside the release, he also delighted fans by confirming his long-awaited debut album is finally on the way titled Nothing Is A Solo Project. Now, he's going one step further and is today sharing some brand new visuals which we are thrilled to be premiering on Purple Sneakers.

Working with animator Nicholas Keays (@Nickeays) and editor Dylan Tainsh (@Studiodugong), the clip for 'Hold A Vibe' is a peculiar and slightly unnerving, but still entirely captivating watch. Set on a cruise, it's anything but business as usual given the otherworldly creatures on board the ship, but it's this element of surprise that keeps you hooked, much like Carey's music. Always keeping us on our toes, there's a reason Dro Carey is one of the country's most acclaimed producers both at home and abroad, and its because of both his constant striving to try new things and his ability to make songs that highlight not only his superior production skills, but also his collaborators and their skills as well. While a sun-soaked, dancehall-inspired song might be a little bit of a surprise, when looking back at Carey's discography, the only constant is that he never stays in one place for too long which makes us very excited indeed for his forthcoming album. From the upbeat, UKG influenced 'Another Knot' to older cuts like the menacing hip hop fire cracker, 'Atmosphere' (which is still on heavy rotation for me), Dro Carey continues to shine a light on so many different parts of dance music and shows them off in all their glory.

Keays said of the clip, "My first listen to the track took me back to the ferry “SS. Anne" from the original Pokemon games. Later, when I was searching for a 3D model of a ship I stumbled across a model of a real life cruise ship that I spent 2 weeks on in the Caribbean during 2008 and took it as a sign from the universe."

As for Dro Carey, he said of his newest video, “I've been following Nic Keays work for a while and was super keen to collaborate with him for these visuals. I was really curious to see what he'd come up with for this clip – as I felt it would be potentially challenging to develop something within his style that accompanies something as bright and bouncy as Hold A Vibe. The final clip definitely nails it by combining the cruise ship setting with this surreal twist where it is launched into space and I think that perfectly captures the idea of a pop track with strange undercurrents within it (as well as around it in the broader album).”

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Adding yet another vibrant, captivating piece to the ever-evolving tapestry that is the Dro Carey project, 'Hold A Vibe' is exactly what we need right now. Watch the clip below:

'Hold A Vibe' is out now via Soothsayer, stream/buy here. Nothing Is A Solo Project is out September 18 via Soothsayer. Pre-order here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Maclean Stephenson