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Live Review: Get up close and personal with Emma Louise, just the way she is

18 September 2018 | 9:26 am | Melinda Amott

Emma Louise releases beautifully artistic film clip for 'Just the Way I Am' following her latest album release 'Lilac Everything'

It's been an exciting year for EMMA LOUISE. Having made her return earlier in 2018 with 'Wish You Well', and quickly after that, 'Mexico', it became apparent that her latest evolution as an artist was as a bold and honest statement with her decision to sing with pitched down vocals. Now, with the release of the full project titled Lilac Everything, the intimate and vulnerable record elevates Emma Louise to a higher level as a songwriter and artist, proving she's really willing to do something no one else has done before.

Created while in Mexico and later recorded at the legendary Bear Creek Studio in Seattle with artist Tobias Jesso Jnr., Lilac Everything is a powerful artistic statement. “It was honestly the most relieving decision I’ve ever made, musically. It just felt so right," Emma Louise said of her decision to utilise this new approach to her vocals.

Accompanying the release and fitting right in with the dramatic and bold approach comes 'Just The Way I Am', a new video that proves how innate and personal this artistic statement is for Emma“Just The Way I Am is my favourite song from the album, and it means the most to me. I wrote it after having a falling out with a friend and I came to realise how special it is to have people in your life who love absolutely everything about you," she said.

Working with DROPBEAR's JONO CHONG, the pair have created an absolutely stunning visual accompaniment for 'Just The Way I Am', tying in perfectly with the song's premise. With just her face singing the song, the message of what Emma Louise is saying is brought to the fore as she sings to the camera and the raw emotion takes centre stage. What could be more fitting for a song that came from a realisation of how truly special it is to have someone's unconditional love than to sing it just the way you are?

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The fact that Emma Louise has taken on this new direction with her pipes goes to show just how creatively powerful she actually is, and the artistic release of the clip symbolises both the expressional change and story behind the song with elegance and legitimate style, proving that Emma Louise is simply impeccable, just the way she is.

‘Just the Way I Amis featured on Emma Louise’s album Lilac Everything which is out now via Liberation Records. Buy/stream here.

IMAGE: Thom Kerr

Words By Melinda Amott