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Live Review: PREMIERE: Evan Klar shares official video for 'I Do'

4 February 2020 | 10:00 am | Emma Jones

Artist and producer extraordinaire Evan Klar shares the official visuals for his latest single, 'I Do', bringing the seemingly-breezy single to life.

Last month, songwriter and producer extraordinaire EVAN KLAR released one of the catchiest, uplifting songs we've heard in a while titled 'I Do'. From the gritty opening guitar licks to Klar's crisp vocals over the swelling atmospherics, 'I Do' kicks into gear immediately, capturing your attention and refusing to let up as it meanders along, as it takes you through its many different parts including its insatiable hook. It's a perfect example of why Klar is one of the country's most sought after collaborators, and why he's also in demand in his own right as a solo artist.

The release of the song accompanied a whole stack of news from the Klar world as he also announced a new forthcoming EP and his signing to German label, Monchique (a division of Grönland Records). He's also the man behind a few upcoming releases from the likes of Kate Miller-HeidkeAusten and Essie Holt to name a few, so it is indeed the start of what is sure to be an enormous twelve months for him. Now, he's doubling down on 'I Do' with some brand new visuals, which we're lucky enough to exclusively share with you today.

Shot on a balmy Melbourne evening, the clip is a single take with no edits and shows a distressed but strong character (performed by LA songwriter Hailey Collier) dancing through the streets on a summer night and breaking through emotional change. It's an arresting watch as you witness Collier perform, breathing new life into the seemingly-breezy song she's dancing to. Inspired by a real experience and dream Klar had, he said he wanted the video for 'I Do' to reflect the emotion and story told in the song.

"I realised I could fit the scene and character of the song into a single three minute shot and that got me so excited. I've never felt so close to the idea of making a music video before this," Klar said.

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"To be honest music videos have felt like a chore that comes with releasing music. 'I Do' definitely changed that for me."

Detailing the experience of creating the video, it was much more involved than one might think at first. Evan explained, "While filming, four of us had to run backwards in front of my friend Hailey dancing down the streets of Northcote, Melbourne. It was dark and sketchy as hell. Each of us holding lights and cameras crouched low, blindly running backwards. We were wrecked by the end of each take but we had so much fun making it. It's mad how close this video is to the dream I had and I'm so happy knowing my friends and I made it together."

With an EP on the horizon as well as a stack of new music he's created with other artists, 2020 is shaping up to be one of Klar's most exciting years yet. Until then, however, you can catch the 'I Do' clip below.

Evan Klar's 'I Do' is out now.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied