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Live Review: Intensity is off the charts on Flohio latest drop 'Wild Yout'

7 November 2018 | 7:02 am | Holly O'Neill

'Wild Yout' is a taste of what's to come on FLOHIO's incoming EP of the same name, unleashing her rhymes over an intense beat, with a music video to match.

UK rapper FLOHIO has just released a raucous new single, guaranteed to hype you up for the drop of her incoming EP. 'Wild Yout' is a hell of a taste of what's to come on her release of the same name, as Flohio unleashes her ferocious rhymes over an equally intense beat, with a music video to match.

Menacing percussion and a distorted bass line set the scene for Flohio's vocals to explode onto the track, as the energy of the instrumental rises to meet her. Among the intimidating soundscape and dense production she fiercely holds her own, barking the chant-along rager of a hook with a commanding strength.

The music video, directed by Duncan Loudon, translates all the intensity and artistry of 'Wild Yout' into a music vid that is all at once a fashion film, rowdy DIY after movie and full on sensory onslaught.

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The history of collaboration between the director and the rapper really shows, visually articulating her hyper-stylised attitude with reckless abandon. Bright colours and stunning locations are blended with raw party footing through jarring editing, all punctuated with Flohio's commanding presence. She's in her element at the club, under studio lights and among the greenery, a force of nature whether she's surrounded by it or not.

Formidable and fast paced, 'Wild Yout' is a warning before the drop of her four track EP of the same name, that Flohio's unapologetic flows and rowdy beats will surely make a mark on the rap landscape.

Photo by Shenell Kennedy