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Live Review: PREMIERE: Geryon's corporeal 'Nerves' clip is both beautiful & meaningful

1 November 2018 | 10:16 am | Staff Writer

Melbourne's GERYON has been on our radar for quite some time now. We're real suckers for their intricate production style accentuated by a no-fear approach to creating something both meaningful and beautiful.

It's been a while since we've heard new music from them, so we're all the more excited to be premiering their new clip to accompany their latest project, 'Nerves'.

'Nerves' is actually the middle section of a ten-minute piece about their experience going under general anaesthetic before gender affirming surgery. Crafted with samples taken from their own body (vocals, coughs), they've created this entirely visceral world within this dance track that is packed with sonic depth. The soundscape is so vast, every time you listen to this one, you discover something new about it and whether the sounds be purposefully clinical or contrastively ambient and soft, every sound is apt.

The lyrics from within this one are actual words taken from the anaesthetist before going under, and thoughts that were had while they were unconscious. It's Geryon's most personal release to date, and I think the weight of this track is translated perfectly within its accompanying clip.

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Directed by Triana Hernandez who has previously directed for the likes of Rebel YellVarious Asses and Suss Cunts, the clip portrays a medically-induced dream sequence. Created in collaboration with performers Mossy 333 and Jordi, the clip not only doubles as a dream-like scenario, but it also stands as an encouragement of the embodiment of corporeal expression and being true to yourself.

The clip works hard to both compliment and illustrate the track's mood, and that's something that both Geryon and Triana have absolutely nailed with this. The clip is both soft and anxiety inducing, with dim blues and pinks humming through the foggy film, but flashing lights also disrupt this haze and remind you that this clip represents many things.

I think it's really difficult to be able to translate personal experience in a way that can be received how you intended it to be, especially with electronic music as the medium. As we hear more of Geryon's project, it's evident that this is a real skill that they have, and that's very rare to come by.

You can catch Geryon as part of Salonpop's Melbourne Music Week special. Details below.

Featuring SIMONA + Geryon + June Jones + SaD + DJ Airhorn Mami

Tuesday, November 20

Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne

General Admission $25

Photo by Anita Shao