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Live Review: Gustine pulls out every adjective in the book for the hyperactive 'NRGTKLY'

5 April 2018 | 9:52 am | Holly O'Neill

Known for her absurd lyrics and hyperactive tracks that are brilliant in their specificity, GUSTINE's newest track 'NRGTKLY' is no exception.

You may know GUSTINE from her saccharine sweet collab with Sydney club kid DONATACHI 'In Rotation', but the French vocalist is also a unique producer in her own right. Known for her absurd lyrics and hyperactive tracks that are brilliant in their specificity, her newest track 'NRGTKLY' is no exception. Alongside the release is a music vid courtesy of digital artist DAMSEL, creating a frantic pastiche of melodramatic marble figures against aggressive pop up ads.

Sweet chords and twinkling synths kick everything off, as a perfect cushion to Gustine's sweet French accent. The vocals jump around, repeating, stuttering and folding onto themselves like the intensity of feeling when you want someone so "intensely". The rhyming structure of the lyrics is so simple but articulates that doe eyed obsession when you're falling for someone and can only describe your own feelings in superlatives.

In the drops we can really hear what Gustine can do, orchestrating a huge cacophony of manic percussion and choppy samples. Drums lead the insane breakdowns, tumbling along in a way that can only be described as NRGTK. As the track grows and grows, every drop is crushed by the one proceeding it, somehow becoming even more intense after it already started at 100.

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'NRGTKLY' is Gustine's debut release with SIDECHAINS, a move that will hopefully lead to wider recognition for the talented musician. Her unique sound complete with frantic vocal chops, wild sampling and an ease at 160bpm is definitely deserving of it.

Gustine's 'NRGTKLY' is out right now through Sidechains, download or stream right here!