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Live Review: Iglooghost outs his ghost producers in the video for 'Clear Tamei'

13 July 2018 | 1:07 pm | Holly O'Neill

Lost in another dimension and possessed into jibberish rapping, IGLOOGHOST is entranced and tormented by his floating collaborators in his latest music vid

Twisted producer IGLOOGHOST has built a cult following off his cinematic club soundscapes, managing to blend his wild creativity with warped elements of trap, drum and bass, mumble rap and grime. His latest release, a music video for 'Clear Tamei', is the title track of an upcoming EP set for self release in early August, alongside a sister EP, Steel Mogu. The EPs namesakes help Iglooghost with his creative process, and star in the vid alongside the producer, as he explains, "Clear Tamai is a song about some floating beings called Mogu and Tamei that I sometimes accidentally invite into my room when I'm trying to make up words for songs."

Tactile percussion and floaty strings back Iglooghost's jibberish rhymes, rapping like he's been possessed by a demon with a pretty sick laid back flow. In the first minute, the composition feels melancholy and atmospheric, building off angelic vocal samples, grand drums and delicate piano. A wild break beat completely flips the track, jacking the BPM up and introducing gritty wubs of bass. Even with such a frantic shift in tempo, those gentle half time elements still drift, grounding the intensity of the mad composition.

The video manifests the ghostly Tamei and Mogu into reality, visualising Iglooghost's creative process and the battle between his seemingly disparate worlds of atmospheric sound building with oil slick hyper colour and hard and fast percussion with harsh reds and frantic strobing. Dazed in another dimension, he's entranced and tormented by his collaborators, as the visuals escalate alongside the track from surreal to downright hellish. Directed by Luke Gibson and featuring incredible 3D graphics by Christopher Denton, the characters Iglooghost channels through his work are fully realised in this video and are actually kind of cute. In a totally terrifying way.

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With every new release, Iglooghost becomes clearer in his vision, creating beauty in the chaos of his production and reshaping traditional genres into something completely fresh. The many idiosyncratic elements in his music alongside the lavish storytelling elements create a whole new world within the listening experience. 'Clear Tamei' is a stunning example of everything the creative can do sonically and visually, and the incoming twin EP's are set to be a brilliant new chapter in Iglooghost's complex story.

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PHOTO BY Earth Agency