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Live Review: KLLO return exploring their full 'Potential'

21 May 2018 | 9:32 am | Holly O'Neill

The Melbourne duo are back with their new single 'Potential', as KLLO mourns what could have been after a failed relationship with a hypercolour music video

Following their album Backwater and a world tour, KLLO are back on the scene with a single that explores new territory for the duo. 'Potential' moves the Melbourne cousins from the UK garage sounds of their debut release and into hazy downtempo RnB, bringing with them their emotive songwriting and signature textures.

Of this shift, vocalist Chloe Kaul said they expressed everything they needed to on Backwater, saying, "It's important that we capture these moments in time instead of staying in the past and living up to expectations."

The gorgeous track and video articulates the lost potential in relationships, seeing the future with someone after things have come to an end. In the song's production Simon Lam channels fuzzy emo rap, layering complex, trappy drums over detuned piano chords that tug at the heartstrings. Kaul's emotive vocals match the mood of the arrangement, with her delivery and lyricism mourning the loss of this relationship as the synths swell.

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The music video for 'Potential', directed by Freya Esders, sees the duo dreamlike behind a home video haze. Cut with HD moments of quiet introspection, KLLO live their separate lives in hyper-colour distracted by VHS memories. The colourist for the video CJ Dobson deserves a special shout out, with his special touches making the whole video a feast for the eyes and articulating that melancholy feeling of hyper-vivid fantasies.

With this new release just before their return to Aus mid-June and upcoming European Tour, KLLO are focusing on their own growth and exploring their own potential with confidence. Find 'Potential' on your downloading/streaming service of choice here.

The duo's upcoming Melbourne and Sydney shows are set to be v special with a live band joining KLLO on both of their dates, be sure to grab tickets here.

Friday June 8 @ Melbourne Recital Centre

Saturday June 16 @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

PHOTO BY Alan Weedon