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Live Review: Kllo creates a moment of emotion with 'Virtue' video

8 August 2017 | 12:13 pm | Molly McLaughlin

Kllo bring 'Virtue' to life with a moody new video featuring the duo, the hazy London skyline and a whole bunch of feelings.

After giving us a minute to get cosy with their new track ‘Virtue’, KLLO have dropped a lush, moody video that transports the viewer into an ephemeral, dynamic world of sound and images.

Filmed on a friend’s rooftop in London while Kllo were working on their debut album, the video reflects the tension between CHLOE KAUL’s smooth vocals and the building beats underneath, produced by SIMON LAM. As Kaul explains, “London had a large influence on the creation of 'Virtue' so it made sense for us to get the video made whilst we were over there… We were lucky enough to finish the album in the London summer, learning more about the city, the people and the culture. We made a lot of new friends over there.” The video is obviously an affectionate portrayal of both a place and a moment in time.

In the style of previous videos, ‘Virtue’ creates an abstract portrait of the song, jumping between close up shots of Kaul in the darkness and the duo with the London skyline behind them as the light changes. The complex layering of images and shadows mirrors the frantic questioning of the lyrics, as Kllo are surrounded and overwhelmed by the city in a literal sense. London seems to provide the perfect backdrop as the sun rises or sets, depending on your perspective: distant, desirable and full of possibilities.

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‘Virtue’ is just a taste of what we can expect from the Melbourne duo’s debut EP Backwater, which is expected to touch on themes like maturity and change, as Kllo have toured extensively and adjusted to their new lives as darlings of the electro-pop scene. The ‘Virtue’ video is a testament to their increasing artistic sophistication, and the promise of even more good things to come. Backwater is due out on 28th October.