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Live Review: Phebe Starr wears her heart on her sleeve in 'Bad News'

20 July 2019 | 1:22 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Phebe Starr returns today with a new single and clip for 'Bad News', a track set to feature on her forthcoming EP, 'Ice Tea Liberace'.

It's been a hot minute between drinks for Sydney's PHEBE STARR. The singer/songwriter has been trekking it all across the world to write and do a whole bunch of biznizz, so her return to releasing music is a very welcomed one.

'Bad News' was written as a response to someone who once told her "I thought you would eventually change". She sings her heart out about contemplation and staying true to herself in that relationship.

Of the track, she explained:

“...I guess don’t fuck with a songwriter. I’ve constantly been expected to play a role. I think a lot of women have these expectations placed on us. Labels make people feel safe. Social identities make people feel like they have control over life. I’ve learnt those people may feel safe but they aren't free. I’ve learnt that being outcasted for who you are is more enjoyable than being accepted for something you’re not.”

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The track sees her croon achingly over a trap-inspired beat; the perfect fusion of introspection, indie-pop and her knack for writing a damn good song. Her penchant for capturing the human experience so eloquently shines through effortlessly on 'Bad News'.

The clip to accompany the track is animated by Brisbane artist Helena Papageorgiou, and sees Starr portrayed as an outlaw on the run. It's an apt femme-empowered collaboration, one that perfectly embodies the self-empowerment emanating from the track.

Phebe Starr's Ice Tea Liberace EP is due to be out on Friday, August 30 via her label, PALACE.

Photo by She Is Aphrodite