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Live Review: Seavera get up close and personal with intimate new video for 'City'

13 September 2017 | 9:02 am | Molly McLaughlin

SEAVERA have released a confessional new single, 'City', that brings together powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and an intimate video. 

Melbourne-based duo SEAVERA have released a confessional new single, 'City', that brings together powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and an intimate video to create a moment of raw emotion. Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton have recently reunited to work on this music project, after meeting when they were growing up in Northern NSW. Their two previous singles, 'Caving' and 'Parallel and Repeat', have proved that Seavera have something to say, and 'City' is no exception.

The lyrics of 'City' deal with the tension between emotional and physical nakedness in relationships. “I remember being made to feel as if I was just an object committed to a function versus an equal human being worthy of connection,” explains Zietsch. “It’s an incredibly debilitating thing to feel objectified during sex. The sad reality is that when it happened, I began to realise that the event was just one fragment in a string of experiences I’d had just like this.”

Dan was intrigued by the track from the beginning. “Initially I was drawn in by the power and intensity of the chorus, but I later grew to appreciate an intimacy that felt much softer," he says. "We went through many different versions of this song, at first exploring the more explosive aspects of the lyrics with heavy drums and raging synth lines, but in the end conceding that a few simple guitar chords weighed heavier than thicker beds and complicated melodies.”

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Having released the track a few weeks back, the duo have now shared accompanying visuals, which further cement these themes they're discussing. Stunningly shot, the video is a big step up for Seavera, combining compelling imagery with thought-provoking scenes to further bring this unsettling feeling to the forefront. Featuring both members of Seavera in black, there are some intimate scenes that slowly develop into scenes of writhing bodies all in white underwear while Zietsch has a creepy black hand caress her neck. It's uncomfortable, but that's what the song is about, and the visuals perfectly complement their message and start a bigger discussion about mutual respect in intimacy.

'City' was mixed by Simon Lam of Kllo, and is the third single off Seavera’s forthcoming debut EP. The duo recently played their first BIGSOUND showcase, and have supported acts such as Tora, Kllo, Jack River, and Woodes. The EP will be out later this year.