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Live Review: Slum Sociable share new sounds in 'Castle' video

28 August 2017 | 8:02 am | Julie Fenwick

It’s the new music video for SLUM SOCIABLE’s ‘Castle’, the second taste off their Self-titled, Debut Album, which (drumroll) will be released October 13th.

Pale skin in a dimly lit room; one man stands, one man sits, the mood is low and the smoke and darkness curtain their faces, the shadows casting irregular shapes across their features. It’s a simple aesthetic which emphasises the rawness emoted from young artists Miller Upchurch and Edward Quinn. It’s prison-esque, it’s gloomy and it’s the new music video for SLUM SOCIABLE’s ‘Castle’, the second taste off their self-titled, debut album, which (drumroll) will be released October 13th. A bit of a turnaround from the stuff off their TQ EP, which is a bit lighter though just as heartfelt, ‘Castle’, in Upchurch’s words is, "a song about the walls people put up around themselves, for whatever reasons, and about trying to break through them with the intent to help."

'Even if you say you want to leave

It would never work like that

You can’t run away like that

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Waves of uncertainty

A feeling that you’ve always had

I’ll be there every time you crash'

But darker themes are something we like and turnarounds; well even better. It’s something new, something innovative, which equates to prediction of a good release. So though it’s a little different than what we’re used to from Slum Sociable, with siren-like synths and wailing vocals; haunting and taunting, it involves a collection of talented producers that, ultimately, create a new and engrossing sound.

'Castle' is a follow up of the first track ‘Don’t Come Back Another 100 Times’, also released for the upcoming album, and which follows the same framework of synth-filled, melancholic, emotional soundscapes and vocals.

'Don’t let me be all eyes

No longer we hold sides

Don’t come back another 100 times

Let me own in'

With the album set for release on the 13th of October, it will be interesting to see whether the entirety of the album follows the poetic prowess of the first two tracks and result in an expressive collection of jazz and heavy electronica. I’m guessing it will because, really, we can’t expect anything less from the Melbourne duo, who are setting a high bar for Australian electronic artists and whose new track ‘Castle’ truly is an innovative piece. Props also go to VCA filmmaker Sarah-Jayne Kernaghan for the corresponding music video, which is equally as ghostly and beautiful.

So saddle up everyone, this may be Slum Sociable’s first rodeo in the album world but they are surely not inexperienced on the musical front, and the release is set to send them and their music, as well as their fans, on a wild ride.

Image: Ann Snowsill